Science is cool!

Science: A great way to justify watching cool videos! What happens when a red hot ball of nickel is dropped into water. Hint: it’s cool!   Red Hot Nickel Ball In Water (Nice Reaction)


Christina Aguilera on Jimmy Fallon wheel of musical impressions

Aguilera on Fallon

Christina Aguilera + Jimmy Fallon From Cher to Michael McDonald, Christina and Jimmy belt out impressions that amaze! Ok… Jimmy decent… Christina? Blow your mind! If you close your eyes it’s hard to believe it isn’t Cher or Shakira when Ms. Aguilera is sings. While Jimmy is singing… Comedian first!

Conan O’Brien in Cuba [Fixed!]

I am ashamed. I am a bad bad man. I present the fixed version of Conan in Cuba. Original shameful post. Original promo pic:

Fantasy Island Conan and Andy in Cuba_lrg

Fantasy Island Conan in Cuba_lrg

Conan O’Brien in Cuba

Conan in Cuba?! Oh yeah! Times are a changing. When I saw the original promo pic… Well there was only one option. Original promo pic:

50 Shades pt 2

Just when you thought 50 Shades in 6 Seconds couldn’t be topped! I present my take on E.L. James Fifty Shades Movie AND product tie-ins.



50 Shades in 6 Seconds

What can I say… I’m an inspired filmmaker! I present my take on E.L. James Fifty Shades Movie…

Gandalf The One Shade Of Grey – VoicePlay

Ian McKellen posted this pic to Instagram. Then… I added my version of Gandalf’s voice to it. Be kind. Recorded on an iPad mini built in microphone and whatever other excuses I can think of. :D Gandalf The One Grey – VoicePlay



Jonn Wick

Watch the HD Trailer for John Wick Purchase or Rent here: